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BPOL-NG, a cloud computing system, is one of the most comprehensive solutions designed to bridge between design (CADD, BIM), accounting and Microsoft throughout the design, construction and facilities management, useful to the entire project team.


Owners / Developers - Architects - Engineers - Contractors


  • Bridge and integrate the entire work environment
  • Build best practices
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce your risk
  • Accountability

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About BPOL

First introduced in 1998, BlueprintOnline, originally designed as a FTP, document management and information management system. Its pioneering design as a cloud computing software was amongst the first.

BPOL-NG, introduced in 2011, designed by an architect, evolved through client needs and collaboration, has been embraced and adopted by the leading firms in design and construction industry (Such as Tishman Speyer, Related, Silverstein, Gensler, etc...).


  • Cloud computing, offsite storage and backup.
  • Bridge and integrate your Total Office environment (helps bridge between your various business tools, Microsoft, accounting and CADD systems).
  • Emulate mobile interface in true Microsoft environment.
  • Secured FTP (HTPPS) with security and audit Trail
  • Collaboration and communication amongst all members of the project team
  • Project management, project delivery and workflow automation.
  • PMI (Project Information Management). Document management, document controls, printing and archival.

Key Features:

  • Cloud Computing and Collocation: By integrating online storage and backup, BPOL-NG allows for safe and easy storage of project documents.
  • BPOL-NG helps bridge between your various business tools, Microsoft, accounting, and CADD systems. It integrates and synchronizes with your existing systems, such as, accounting, Outlook, SharePoint, active directory, Primavera, NewForma, project schedule, and many more...
  • BPOL-NG is built on the Microsoft platform, but works like a Mac: Designed to be user friendly and intuitive, BPOL-NG emulates current mobile systems while remaining a cloud-based .Net Microsoft technology.
  • FTP, HTTPS, Security and Audit Trail: Users are assigned specific roles in each action and have limited permission to each document with complete audit trail and reporting.
  • Collaboration and Communications: BPOL-NG is designed to be the main portal for maintaining, communicating, and delivering all project information securely and efficiently. It allows various team members to collaborate efficiently with complete audit trail and reporting.
  • Project Management and Delivery: With work flow automation, BPOL-NG allows the streamlining of project management, administration, and announcements. RFI’s, change orders, bid management, shop drawing review and automated announcements are made easy with comprehensive dashboard reporting.
  • Integrated Document Management and Control: BPOL-NG allows for the simplification and automation of document management, document control, printing, and archival of project documents.

Case Studies

Delayed more than three years from the time Maryland voters approved a referendum allowing slot gambling, the Maryland Live! Casino broke ground in January 2011. To meet the developer’s goal of opening in 18 months, the $500M, 330K sq ft construction project was “fast-tracked” to enable project phases to occur concurrently. Prompt processing of transmittals and approvals was essential to ensure the project team met its scheduled milestones.

In addition to an aggressive construction schedule, the project team was geographically dispersed. The project architects and designers were based in Nevada. The engineers operate from offices in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. All supported the construction site in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

After comparing several document management systems, the Maryland Live! project team selected BPOL-NG to store all project documents; drawings, specifications, announcements, and sketches. Since the project required a submittal process that would facilitate drawing approval with subcontractors, the project team utilized the Document Control services. The general contractor utilized the Announcement feature to notify subcontractors when new drawings, RFIs, and submittals are loaded into project folders in BPOL-NG. A subcontractor utilized the viewer tools to comment and “mark-up” the submittal.

The subcontractor utilized BPOL-NG and notified the general contractor and architect that the drawing had been marked up. The general contractor reviewed the mark up and used the Viewer to stamp the drawing approved.

The paperless process, another consideration of the project team, allowed the construction to continue at the brisk pace required. When necessary, however, BPOL-NG users from the project team used the application’s shopping cart feature to order printing and have it delivered to the job site.


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